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A review on low-cost microscopes for Open Science
(Wiley, 2022) Salido Tercero, Jesús; Bueno García, María Gloria; Ruiz-Santaquiteria Alegre, Jesús; Cristobal, Gabriel
This article presents a review after an exhaustive search that yielded 23 works carried out in the last decade for the availability of optical microscopes with open hardware as a low-cost alternative to commercial systems.
The DNA methylation landscape of the root-knot nematode-induced pseudo-organ, the gall, in Arabidopsis, is dynamic, contrasting over time, and critically important for successful parasitism
(Wiley, 2022) Silva, Ana Cláudia; Ruiz Ferrer, Virginia; Müller, Sebastian Y.; Pellegrin, Clement; Abril Urías, Patricia; Martínez Gómez, Ángela; Gómez Rojas, Almudena; Berenguer, Eduardo; Sánchez Testillano, Pilar; Andrés, Maria Fe; Fenoll Comes, María Carmen; Eves-van den Akker, Sebastian; Escobar Lucas, Carolina
Root-knot nematodes (RKNs) induce giant cells (GCs) within galls which are characterized by large-scale gene repression at early stages. However, the epigenetic mechanism(s) underlying gene silencing is (are) still poorly characterized. DNA methylation in Arabidopsis galls induced by Meloidogyne javanica was studied at crucial infection stages (3 d post-infection (dpi) and 14 dpi) using enzymatic, cytological, and sequencing approaches. DNA methyltransferase mutants (met1, cmt2, cmt3, cmt2/3, drm1/ 2, ddc) and a DNA demethylase mutant (ros1), were analyzed for RKN resistance/tolerance, and galls were characterized by confocal microscopy and RNA-seq.
Bagaza virus and Plasmodium spp. coinfection in red-legged partridges (Alectoris rufa), in Southern Spain 2019
(Wiley, 2022) Höfle Hansen, Ursula; Cardona Cabrera, Teresa; Sánchez-Cano, Alberto; García Fernández de Mera, Isabel; Risalde Moya, María Ángeles; Moraga Fernández, Alberto; Ortiz, José Antonio
Flaviviruses such as West Nile (WNV), Usutu (USUV) and Bagaza (BAGV) virus and avian malaria parasites are vector borne pathogens that circulate naturally between avian and mosquito hosts. WNV and USUV and potentially also BAGV constitute zoonoses. Temporal and spatial cocirculation and coinfection with Plasmodium spp., and West Nile virus has been documented in birds and mosquito vectors, and fatally USUV-infected passerines coinfected with Plasmodium spp. had more severe lesions. Also, WNV, USUV and BAGV have been found to cocirculate. Yet little is known about the interaction of BAGV and malaria parasites during consecutive or coinfections of avian hosts. Here we report mortality of free-living red-legged partridges in a hunting estate in Southern Spain that were coinfected with BAGV and Plasmodium spp. The outbreak occurred in the area where BAGV first emerged in Europe in 2010 and where cocirculation of BAGV, USUV andWNVwas confirmed in 2011 and 2013.
Building personalised homework from a learning analytics based formative assessment :
(Wiley, 2022) Rodríguez Martínez, José Antonio; González-Calero Somoza, José Antonio; Olmo Muñoz, Javier del; Arnau Vera, David; Tirado Olivares, Sergio
This study analyses the potential of a learning analytics (LA) based formative assessment to construct personalised teaching sequences in Mathematics for 5th-grade primary school students.
Relation between resilience and personality traits :
(Wiley, 2023) Nieto López, Marta; Visier Alfonso, María Eugenia; Nayara Silvestre, Inmaculada; Navarro Bravo, Beatriz; Serrano Selva, Juan Pedro; Martínez Vizcaino, Vicente José Anastasio
Resilience refers to the process by which individuals use the ability to cope with challenges to successfully adapt to adverse situations, inclining towards the future and hope. The main aim of this study was to analyze the relation between resilience, personality traits, and hopelessness. Furthermore, we conducted comparisons between two age groups: young and older adults.