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  • CONTACTO: A Social Networking Site for Supported-Employment Interventions for People With Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities 

    Dorado Chaparro, Javier; Rubio Ruiz, Ana; Cantarero Navarro, Rubén; Santofimia, Maria J.; Toro Garcia, Xavier del; Villanueva Molina, Félix Jesús; López, Juan Carlos (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, 2022-09)
    The main objective of this work is to determine whether social networks can be used to improve self-management skills in people with Intellectual or Developmental Disability (IDD) given the high rate of acceptance of such ...
  • Expert-Based Decision Making for the Selection of At-Home Rehabilitation Solutions for Active and Healthy Aging 

    Dorado Chaparro, Javier; Fernández-Bermejo Ruiz, Jesús; Santofimia, Maria J.; Toro Garcia, Xavier del; Cantarero Navarro, Rubén; Bolaños, Cristina; Llumiguano, Henry; Villanueva Molina, Félix Jesús; Silva, Anabela; López, Juan Carlos (MDPI, 2022-05)
    While the importance of physical activity in older adults is beyond doubt, there are significant barriers limiting the access of older adults to physical exercise. Existing technologies to support physical activity in older ...
  • Use of autobiographical stimuli as a mood manipulation procedure 

    Fernández Pérez, Dolores; Toledano-González, Abel; Ros, Laura; Latorre Postigo, José Miguel (2022-06)
    Background In recent years, mood induction procedures have been developed in experimental settings that are designed to facilitate studying the impact of mood states on biological and psycho logical processes. The aim ...
  • Determinants of quality of life and well-being in cognitively unimpaired older adults: a systematic review 

    FRÍAS LUQUE, Mª DOLORES; Toledano-González, Abel (2022-02)
    Objective: It is important to know the psychological variables that are related to quality of life and well-being in healthy elderly people. The main objective of the present review is to analyse which factors, through ...
  • PlanTEA 

    Hernández, Patricia; Molina, Ana I.; Lacave, Carmen; Rusu, Cristian; Toledano-González, Abel (MDPI, 2022-05)
    Abstract: In people with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), skills related to anticipation and mental flexibility are often impaired, so their thinking tends to be very rigid and their behavior is based on establishing ...