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Wastewater reuse in las tablas de daimiel national park by improving its quality through constructed wetlands

Mostrar el registro sencillo del ítem Garcia Fernandez, Beatriz es_ES Florin Beltran, Maximo es_ES Sanchez Ramos, David es_ES Sanchez Emeterio, Gema es_ES 2012-09-27T08:24:24Z 2012-09-27T08:24:24Z 2011 es_ES
dc.identifier.citation Zamora, l. & Sabater, s. (comp.) Abstract book - 7th symposium for european freshwater sciences. Ail - asociación ibérica de limnología, girona. 2011, 253 pp. es_ES
dc.identifier.isbn 978-84-937882-2-3 es_ES
dc.description.abstract The Tablas de Daimiel National Park (TDNP) is a floodplain wetland which covers 1928 ha, located in the Upper Guadiana Basin (14000 km2) over the West Mancha aquifer (5500 km2) in Central Spain. This aquifer has been subject to intensive pumpage since the late 1970s, resulting in the decrease of the phreatic level. Therefore, wetlands have been disconnected from the regional aquifer, producing serious environmental damage on TDNP. In this work, the efficiency of the reuse of treated sewage effluents (TSE) from 8 Wastewater Treatment Plants in the surroundings of the wetland is analysed. The quality of the TSE would be increased through the formation of several Constructed Wetlands, which would act as transition between the sewage plants and the natural wetland. Management of a freshwater National Park like this, threatened by drought, may be controversial. Although research about environmental management has been wide, there is a lack in terms of knowledge transfer concerning this management practices. A mass balance model for predicting efficiency of water recharge in the TDNP has been developed, considering several scenarios of meteorology, inputs and outputs. The modelling of the water conditions into the Created Wetlands has been also realized, in order to evaluate the viability of this system. The TSE available for the recharge of the TDNP has an approximate volume of 10 Mm3. Regarding the biochemical characteristics of these effluents, it is necessary around 150 ha of Constructed Wetlands to guarantee an acceptable water quality for this purpose. The modelling results demonstrated that in this site, with the present volume of reclaimed water, it is difficult to obtain a great inundated surface a cause of the increase of infiltration and evaporation with the inundated area, but this solution allows maintaining a considerable inundated surface throughout the year, with a seasonal comportment. es_ES
dc.format text/plain en_US
dc.language.iso es en_US
dc.publisher AIL - Asociación Ibérica de Limnología. es_ES
dc.rights info:eu-repo/semantics/openAccess en_US
dc.subject Modelado (riesgo ambiental) es_ES
dc.subject Eliminación de residuos es_ES
dc.subject Hidrología es_ES
dc.subject Lucha contra la contaminación es_ES
dc.subject Protección de las aguas es_ES
dc.subject Remediación (riesgo ambiental) es_ES
dc.subject Riesgo ambiental es_ES
dc.subject Zona protegida es_ES
dc.subject Zona sensible es_ES
dc.subject Contaminación orgánica es_ES
dc.subject Contaminante del agua es_ES
dc.subject Contaminante es_ES
dc.subject Saneamiento es_ES
dc.subject Parque nacional es_ES
dc.subject Protección del medio ambiente es_ES
dc.subject Contaminación industrial es_ES
dc.subject Contaminación del agua es_ES
dc.subject Agente nocivo es_ES
dc.subject Ecosistemas de agua dulce es_ES
dc.subject Impacto antropogénico en ecosistemas es_ES
dc.subject Gestión del agua es_ES
dc.subject Contaminación es_ES
dc.subject Sustancia peligrosa es_ES
dc.subject Tratamiento del agua es_ES
dc.subject Degradación del medio ambiente es_ES
dc.subject Eutrofización es_ES
dc.subject Ciencias naturales y ciencias de la salud es_ES
dc.subject Ingeniería civil y arquitectura es_ES
dc.subject Deterioro del medio ambiente es_ES
dc.subject Ecosistemas es_ES
dc.subject Contaminación química es_ES
dc.subject Residuo es_ES
dc.subject Medio natural es_ES
dc.subject Ecología acuática es_ES
dc.subject Gestión de residuos es_ES
dc.subject Ciencias de la tierra es_ES
dc.subject Ingenieria civil es_ES
dc.subject Control de la contaminación es_ES
dc.subject Contaminación local es_ES
dc.title Wastewater reuse in las tablas de daimiel national park by improving its quality through constructed wetlands es_ES
dc.type info:eu-repo/semantics/conferenceObject en_US

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