Numerous studies have shown the positive effects of physical activity (PA) on schoolchildren’s physical, psychological and social health. However, children’s levels of physical inactivity and sedentary lifestyle have increased significantly in recent years, leading to a rise in childhood obesity and cardiovascular disease. The MOVI programmes to promote PA in school settings were launched with the aim of mitigating this public health problem. The latest edition implemented by the research group at Centro de Estudios Sociosanitarios analysed the e􀇱fectiveness of an extracurricular PA programme (MOVI-da FIT!) based on high intensity interval training (HIIT) in enhancing schoolchildren’s executive functioning, academic performance, physical fitness and in reducing adiposity and cardiometabolic risk in schoolchildren. This book is intended for professionals in education, health care and sports and PA sciences who are keen to develop and implement PA interventions aimed at preventing obesity, and improving the physical fitness, cognitive performance and academic achievement of schoolchildren. The first part describes the background and the current state of the art that motivate this study, and also details the aims and methodology used. The second part specifies the characteristics of the MOVI-da FIT! programme and provides copiable session plans of the 50 sessions used in the programme, which can be of use for any professional interested in implementing recreational, non-competitive PA interventions.

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