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    • Simulation of medicanes over the Mediterranean Sea in a regional climate model ensemble 

      Gaertner Ruiz Valdepeñas, Miguel Angel; González Alemán, Juan Jesús; Romera Ruiz, Raquel; Domínguez Alonso, Marta; Gil Alonso, Victoria Eugenia; Sánchez, Enrique; Gallardo Andrés, Clemente; Miglietta, Mario Marcello; Walsh, Kevin J. E.; Sein, Dmitry; Somot, Samuel; Dell’Aquila, Alessandro; Teichmann, Claas; Ahrens, Bodo; Buonomo, Erasmo; Colette, Augustin; Bastin , Sophie; Meijgaard , Erik van; Nikulin, Grigory (2016)
      Medicanes are cyclones over the Mediterranean Sea having a tropical-like structure but a rather small size, that can produce significant damage due to the combination of intense winds and heavy precipitation. Future ...
    • Temporal variability measurements of PM2.5 and its associated metals and microorganims on a suburban atmosphere in the central Iberian Peninsula 

      Rodriguez, Ana; Susana, Seseña; Sanchez, Enrique; Rodríguez Pérez, María; Palop Herreros, María de los Llanos; Rodríguez Martín-Doimeadios, Rosa C.; Rodríguez Fariñas, Nuria (Elsevier, 2020-12)
      A novel and multidisciplinary observational analysis of atmospheric components in the Central Iberian Peninsula is presented here. PM2.5 concentrations and both populations of cultivable and non-cultivable microorganisms and ...
    • Urban Vegetation Leveraging Actions 

      Tapiador, Francisco J.; Navarro, Andres; Mezo Arancibia, Josu; Llave Muñoz, Sergio de la; Muñoz, Jesús (MDPI, 2021-04-26)
      Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) include a subset of targets that can be advanced through standard urban management activities. In particular, routine urban vegetation management comprises a number of activities with ...