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  • Belwal, Tarun; Ezzat, Shahira M.; Rastrelli, Luca; Bhatt, Indra D.; Daglia, Maria; Baldi, Alessandra; Devkrota, Hari Prasad; Orhan, Ilkay Erdogan; Patra, Jayanta Kumar; Das, Gitishree; Anandharamakrishan, C.; Gomez-Gomez, Lourdes; Nabavi, Seyed Fazel; Nabavi, Seyed Mohammad; Atanasov, Atanas G. (Elsevier, 2018-01)
    Plant extracts have been long used by the traditional healers for providing health benefits and are nowadays suitable ingredient for the production of formulated health products and nutraceuticals. Traditional methods of ...
  • Busconi, Matteo; Lucini, Luigi; Soffritti, Giovanna; Bernardi, Jamila; Bernardo, Letizia; Brunschwig, Christel; Lepers-Andrzejewski, Sandra; Raharivelomanana, Phila; Fernández Pérez, José Antonio (Frontiers, 2017-10-12)
    Vanilla is a flavoring recovered from the cured beans of the orchid genus Vanilla. Vanilla ×tahitensis is traditionally cultivated on the islands of French Polynesia, where vanilla vines were first introduced during the ...
  • Ferré Fernández, Jesús José; Aroca Aguilar, José Daniel; Medina Trillo, Cristina; Bonet Fernández, Juan Manuel; Méndez Hernández, Carmen Dora; Morales Fernández, Laura; Cortón, Marta; Cabañero Valera, María José; Gut, Marta; Tonda, Raúl; Ayuso, Carmen; Coca Prados, Miguel; García Feijoo, Julián; Escribano Martínez, Julio (Nature Publishing Group, 2017-04-11)
    Congenital glaucoma (CG) is a heterogeneous, inherited and severe optical neuropathy that originates from maldevelopment of the anterior segment of the eye. To identify new disease genes, we performed whole-exome sequencing ...

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