Recent Submissions

  • Effectiveness of a calf-selective feeder in preventing wild boar access 

    Balseiro, Ana; Oleaga, Álvaro; Álvarez Morales, Luis Miguel; Quirós, Pablo; Gortazar, Christian; Prieto, José Miguel (Springer, 2019-04)
    Tuberculosis (TB) transmission between wildlife and domestic animals is usually indirect when they share an interface or visit the same location at different times in order to use the same food and water resources. ...
  • Senescence and differential investment in maternal reproductive life history traits of red deer: milk yield, milk composition and calf growth 

    Pérez-Barbería, Javier (Royal Society of Chemistry, 2021)
    Senescence and differential investment in maternal reproductive life history traits of red deer: milk yield, milk composition and calf growth
  • Research gap analysis on African swine fever 

    Gortazar, Christian; Álvarez, Julio; Bicout, Dominique; Boklund, Anette; Bøtner, Anette; Depner, Klaus; More, Simon J.; Roberts, Helen; Stahl, Karl; Thulke, Hans Hermann; Viltrop, Arvo; Antoniou, Sotiria Eleni; Cortiñas Abrahantes, José; Dhollander, Sofie; Gogin, Andrey; Papanikolaou, Alexandra; Van der Stede, Yves; González Villeta, Laura C. (Wiley Open Access, 2019-08-27)
    The most significant knowledge gaps in the prevention and control of African swine fever (ASF) were identified by the EU Veterinary services and other stakeholders involved in pig production and wild boar management ...
  • Validation of a new serological assay for the identification of Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex-specific antibodies in pigs and wild boar 

    Gortazar, Christian; Thomas, Jobin; Infantes Lorenzo, José Antonio; Moreno, Inmaculada; Cano Terriza, David; De Juan Ferré, Lucía; García Bocanegra, Ignacio; Domínguez, Lucas; Domínguez, Mercedes; Risalde Moya, María Ángeles (Elsevier, 2018-11-05)
    Background and objectives: Animal tuberculosis (TB) is a multi-host disease involving a wide variety of domestic and wild mammals and causing a significant economic burden and sanitary problems. Wild boar and domestic pigs ...
  • Wolves contribute to disease control in a multi-host system. Scientific reports. 

    Eleanor Tanner; A. White; Pelayo Acevedo; Ana Balseiro; J. Marcos; Christian Gortazar (Springer Nature, 2019-05-28)
    We combine model results with field data for a system of wolves (Canis lupus) that prey on wild boar (Sus scrofa), a wildlife reservoir of tuberculosis, to examine how predation may contribute to disease control in multi-host ...
  • La caza: herramienta clave para el control de la sobreabundancia. 

    Christian Gortazar (Asociación y Colegio Oficial de Ingenieros Técnicos Forestales y Graduados en Ingeniería Forestal y del Medio Natural, 2019)
    En nuestra sociedad cada vez más alejada del medio rural, la caza se encuentra fuertemente cuestionada. Es previsible que esta situación evolucione a peor conforme el número de cazadores disminuya (Massei et al., 2015) ...
  • Tracking pan-continental trends in environmental contamination using sentinel raptors—what types of samples should we use? 

    Mateo, Rafael; García-Fernández, A.J.; Herzke, Dorte; Shore, Richard F.; Hattum, Bert Van; Martínez-López, Emma; Coeurdassier, Michael; Eulaers, Igor; Fritsch, Clémentine; Gómez Ramírez, María del Pilar; Jaspers, Veerle Leontina Bernard; Krone, Oliver; Duke, G.; Helander, Björn; Mateo, Rafael; Movalli, Paola; Sonne, Christian; van den Brink, N.W.; Espín, Silvia (Springer, 2016-03-05)
    Biomonitoring using birds of prey as sentinel species has been mooted as a way to evaluate the success of European Union directives that are designed to protect people and the environment across Europe from industrial ...
  • Mitochondrial phylogeography of the European wild boar: the effect of climate on genetic diversity and spatial lineage sorting across Europe. 

    Kusak; Sidorovich, Ve; Mamuris; Kirschning; Vilaca, St; Bertorelle; Hartl, Gb; Lacolina; Gortazar Schmidt, Ramon Christian; Jezdrzejewska; Paule; Alves, Pc; Scandura; Apollonio; Schley; Borowik; Biosa; Costa; Zachos (2014)
    Climate changes in the past had a deep impact on the evolutionary history of many species and left genetic signatures that are often still detectable today. We investigated the geographical pattern of mitochondrial DNA ...
  • Pathology and tissue tropism of natural west nile virus infection in birds: a review. 

    Gamino Rodriguez, Virginia; HÖfle, Ursula (2013)
    West Nile virus (WNV) is a globally distributed arthropod-borne flavivirus capable of infecting a wide variety of vertebrates, with birds as its natural reservoir. Although it had been considered a pathogen of little ...
  • Pathobiology and transmission of highly and low pathogenic avian influenza viruses in european quail (coturnix c. Coturnix) 

    Busquets; HÖfle, Ursula; Dolz; Abad, F.x.; Vergara Alert, J.; MayÓ; ChÁves, A.; Ramis, A.; Bertran; Gamino Rodriguez, Virginia (2013)
    European quail may share with Japanese quail its potential as intermediate host and spreader of avian influenza viruses (AIVs). To elucidate the epidemiological role of the European quail (Coturnix c. coturnix) in the ...