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  • Angulo Sanchez-Herrera, Eusebio; Castillo Ron, Enrique; Sanchez Vizcaino, Jesus; Garcia Rodenas, Ricardo (2013)
    Adding new corridors to a highway network represents a multicriteria decision process in which a variety of social, environmental and economic factors must be evaluated and weighted for a large number of corridor alternatives. ...
  • Angulo Sanchez-Herrera, Eusebio; Espinosa Aranda, Jose Luis; Garcia Rodenas, Ricardo (Springer Berlin Heidelberg , 2013)
    Column generation is a basic tool for the solution of largescale mathematical programming problems. We present a class of column generation algorithms in which the columns are generated by derivative free algorithms, like ...
  • Angulo Sanchez-Herrera, Eusebio; Garcia Rodenas, Ricardo; Romero Chicharro, Francisco Pascual; Serrano Guerrero, JesÚs (Springer Berlin Heidelberg , 2008)
    This work presents an application of diverse soft-computing techniques to the resolution of semaphoric regulation problems. First, clustering techniques are used to discover the prototypes which characterize the mobility ...
  • Almodovar Carrascosa, Maximo; Espinosa Aranda, Jose Luis; Angulo Sanchez-Herrera, Eusebio; Garcia Rodenas, Ricardo (2011)
    In this paper, a novel modeling framework is proposed for the estimation of optimal CO2 emission taxes for urban traffic. The framework is based on a bi-level model comprising a combined equilibrium model with elastic ...
  • Serrano Guerrero, JesÚs; Angulo Sanchez-Herrera, Eusebio; Romero Chicharro, Francisco Pascual; Olivas Varela, Jose Angel; Garcia Rodenas, Ricardo (2011)
    This paper presents an application of diverse soft-computing techniques to adaptive traffic light controls. The proposed methodology consists of two main phases: off-line and on-line. First, clustering techniques and ...
  • Valero, Edelmira; Macià, Hermenegilda; Valero, Valentin; Gonzalez Sanchez, Mª Isabel (2012)
    Petri nets are a useful framework for the analysis of biological systems in various complementary ways, integrating both qualitative and quantitative studies. We apply this formalism to the Glutathione Ascorbate Redox ...

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