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    • Equity or Stereotypes in Science Education?: Perspectives from Pre-University Students 

      Fernández-Cezar, Raquel; Garrido, Dunia; García Moya, Melody; Gómezescobar, Ariadna; Solano Pinto, Natalia (MDPI, 2020-11-11)
      In this work, we explore the presence of stereotypes in pre-university students with respect to gender, science, and scientists. The possible differences between boys and girls, school stage, and rurality are analyzed. For ...
    • Practicando mindfulness con el alumnado de tercer curso de educación infantil 

      Tébar Bueno, Sara; Parra Delgado, Marta (Facultad de Educación de Albacete, 2015)
      The main objective of this work is the adaptation and evaluation of a series of activities applying Mindfulness skills in a 5 years old children classroom. The intervention group is composed of 25 students at the age of 5 ...
    • Tactile Discrimination, Praxis and Cognitive Impulsivity in ADHD Children: A Cross- Sectional Study 

      Romero-Ayuso, Dulce María; Maciver, Donald; Richmond, Janet; Jorquera Cabrera, Sara; Garra Palud, Luis; Zabala Baños, María del Carmen; Triviño-Juárez, José-Matías; Toledano-González, Abel (MDPI, 2020-03-14)
      Background: The study of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) has traditionally focused on deficit of inhibitory control and cognitive impulsivity. However, the pathophysiology of ADHD has also been associated ...