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Listar Área de Lenguajes y Sistemas Informáticos por autor "Martínez Tomás, Rafael"

Listar Área de Lenguajes y Sistemas Informáticos por autor "Martínez Tomás, Rafael"

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  • Ferrández, José Manuel; Martínez Tomás, Rafael; Fernández Caballero, Antonio (2014)
    This expert systems special issue on ?Intelligent Monitoring for People Assistance and Safety? contains the revised and extended best papers dealing with different issues concerning people assistance and safety through ...
  • Martínez Tomás, Rafael; Fernández Caballero, Antonio; Navarro Martínez, Elena María (2014)
    Nowadays, our environment is evolving more than ever in terms of connectivity and access to information, among others. People connected through social networks, such as Twitter or Facebook, upload photos, publish news about ...
  • Martínez Tomás, Rafael; Navarro Martínez, Elena María; Fernández Caballero, Antonio; Gascueña Noheda, José Manuel (2014)
    VigilAgent is a methodology for the development of agent-oriented monitoring applications that uses agents as the key abstraction elements of the involved models. It has not been developed from scratch, but it reuses ...
  • Martínez Tomás, Rafael; Rivas Casado, Ángel; Fernández Caballero, Antonio (2011)
    This work presents a multi-agent system for knowledge-based high-level event composition, which interprets activities, behaviour and situations semantically in a scenario with multi-sensory monitoring. A perception agent ...
  • Martínez Cantos, Javier; Fernández Caballero, Antonio; Castillo Montoya, José Carlos; Martínez Tomás, Rafael (2010)
    Perceiving the environment is crucial in any application related to mobile robotics research. In this paper, a new approach to real-time human detection through processing video captured by a thermal infrared camera mounted ...
  • Mira Mira, José; Rincón, Mariano; Bachiller, Margarita; Fernández Caballero, Antonio; Martínez Tomás, Rafael (2007)
    This paper describes an ongoing project that develops a set of generic components to help humans (semi-automatic system) in surveillance and security tasks in several scenarios. These components are based in the computational ...

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