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Listar Área de Lenguajes y Sistemas Informáticos por autor "Novais, Paulo"

Listar Área de Lenguajes y Sistemas Informáticos por autor "Novais, Paulo"

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  • Castillo Montoya, José Carlos; Fernández Caballero, Antonio; Carneiro, Davide; Serrano Cuerda, Juan; Neves, José; Novais, Paulo (2014)
    The society is changing towards a new paradigm in which an increasing number of old adults live alone. In parallel, the incidence of conditions that affect mobility and independence is also rising as a consequence of a ...
  • Fernández Caballero, Antonio; Castillo Montoya, José Carlos; Novais, Paulo; Carneiro, Davide (2012)
    This study presents and approach to measure the levels of acute stress in humans by analysing their behavioral patterns when interacting with technological devices. We study the effects of stress on eight behavioral, ...
  • Fernández Caballero, Antonio; López Bonal, María Teresa; Serrano Cuerda, Juan; Novais, Paulo (2014)
    This paper introduces a confidence measure scheme in a bimodal camera setup for automatically selecting visible-light or a thermal infrared in response to natural environmental changes. The purpose of the setup is to ...
  • Costa, Angelo; Fernández Caballero, Antonio; Simoes, Ricardo; Castillo Montoya, José Carlos; Novais, Paulo (2012)
    The exponential increase of home-bound persons who live alone and are in need of continuous monitoring requires new solutions to current problems. Most of these cases present illnesses such as motor or psychological ...

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