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  • A new double-porosity macroscopic model of bentonite free swelling 

    Navarro Gamir, Vicente; Cabrera, Virginia; Asensio, Laura; Yustres Real, Angel; Torres-Serra, Joel (Elsevier, 2022-08)
    A macroscopic model based on a double-porosity approach is proposed to simulate the swelling caused by the subdivision of particles and aggregates that occurs when bentonites are hydrated under a high water content and low ...
  • Modeling the behavior of compacted bentonites under low porosity conditions 

    Navarro Gamir, Vicente; Morena, Gema De la; Gharbieh, Heidar; González-Arteaga, Jesús; Alonso Aperte, Juan; Pulkkanen, Veli Matti S.; Asensio, Laura (Elsevier, 2021-11)
    This article proposes an approach to ensure consistency between constitutive formulations used in double-porosity models when the macrostructural void ratio, eM, is very small. These formulations model processes of different ...
  • Precomputation of Critical State Soil Plastic Models 

    Cabrera, Virginia; Morena, Gema de la; Asensio, Laura; Navarro Gamir, Vicente; Yustres Real, Ángel; González, Daniel (MDPI, 2021-11)
    In this paper, a simple precomputing procedure is proposed to improve the numerical performance of the technological application of critical state soil models. In these models, if associated plasticity is assumed, the ...
  • Temperature effect on gypsum-bearing soil and supported (building) foundations: The case of the Central Storage Facility of Villar de Cañas, Spain 

    Alonso Aperte, Juan; Moya, Marina; Navarro Gamir, Vicente; Asensio, Laura; Aguado Sánchez, José Antonio (Elsevier, 2021-04)
    Thermal load imposed on the ground by the foundations of some singular buildings may produce variations in geochemistry conditions. In soils containing soluble salts, such as gypsum, their dissolution/precipitation rates ...
  • Assessment of temperature effect on bentonite microstructure deformability 

    Navarro Gamir, Vicente; Morena, Gema De la; Cabrera, Virginia; Alonso Aperte, Juan; Asensio, Laura (Elsevier, 2021-09-01)
    The temperature effect on the microstructure deformability of compacted bentonites was assessed using a Clausius-Clapeyron type equation. To this end, vapor adsorption data obtained at different temperatures under low water ...
  • Coupling of chemical and hydromechanical properties in bentonite: A new reactive transport model 

    Jenni, Andreas; Meeussen, Johannes C L; Pakkanen, Tapani A.; Hirvi, Janne; Akinwunmi, Bukunmi; Yustres Real, Angel; Navarro Gamir, Vicente; López-Vizcaíno López, Rubén; Muuri, Eveliina; Niskanen, Mika; Wersin, Paul; Mäder, Urs (Elsevier, 2021-11)
    The reactive transport framework ORCHESTRA was used to implement a dual porosity reactive transport system that accounts for mechanical processes relevant for confined swelling clays at full saturation. The new implementations ...
  • Environmental Monitoring System Based on Low-Cost Sensors 

    Mobaraki, Behnam; Komarizadehasl, Seyedmilad; Castilla Pascual, Francisco Javier; Lozano Galant, Jose Antonio (2020)
    Temperature and humidity measurements provide useful information on multiple areas of civil engineering application such as Structural Health Monitoring (SHM), Structural System Identification (SSI) and structures ...

    Mobaraki, Behnam; Komarizadehasl, Seyedmilad; Castilla Pascual, Francisco Javier; Lozano Galant, Jose Antonio (2020-09)
    Taking into account that the age of structures is closely connected to their energy consumption, the monitoring of structures is a crucial task for engineers. This article deals with application of Arduino based low-cost ...

    Mobaraki, Behnam; Lozano Galant, Jose Antonio; Ramos Schneider, Gonzalo; Turmo, Jose (2018)
    Engineering education is a mighty driver of society growth and is one of the most effective instruments for eradicating the poverty and essential task for improving economy and social facilities in each country. A good ...

    Mobaraki, Behnam; Komarizadehasl, Seyedmilad; Lozano Galant, Jose Antonio; Turmo, Jose (2020-09)
    To evaluate the safety of structures, choosing a proper maintains protocol to assess the performance/ workability of the structures in the future, Structural health monitoring (SHM) applications are required. The SHM ...

    Mobaraki, Behnam; Komarizadehasl, Seyedmilad; Lozano Galant, José Antonio; Turmo, Turmo (2020-09)
    One of the main issues for performing Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) is the high cost of metering devices. In order to make it applicable to the conventional structures with low defined budgets, low-cost sensors have ...
  • State variable implications on Hydraulic State Estimation 

    Díaz García, Sarai; González Pérez, Javier; Ruiz Gómez, Emilio (Springer, 2022-05)
    Hydraulic State Estimation allows to estimate the most likely state of a water supply network considering multiple sources of information and their associated uncertainty. It is set out as an optimization problem, often ...
  • Dynamic Route Flow Estimation in Road Networks Using Data from Automatic Number of Plate Recognition Sensors 

    Sanchez-Cambronero, Santos; ÁLVAREZ BAZO, FERNANDO; RIVAS, ANA (MDPI, 2021-04-15)
    The traffic flow on road networks is dynamic in nature. Hence, a model for dynamic traffic flow estimation should be a very useful tool for administrations to make decisions aimed at better management of traffic. In fact, ...
  • Conceptual and numerical model developed and implemented 

    Gharbieh, Heida; Navarro Gamir, Vicente; Pulkkanen, Veli-Matti; Asensio, Laura (2021-06)
  • Desarrollo de un modelo macroscópico del hinchamiento libre de las bentonitas MX-80, GMZ y FEBEX [SBPLY/19/180501/000222] 

    Navarro Gamir, Vicente; Asensio, Laura; Yustres Real, Ángel; Morena, Gema de la; López-Vizcaíno López, Rubén; Cabrera, Virginia; Torres-Serra, Joel (2022-03)
    Base de datos desarrollada en el proyecto "Desarrollo de un modelo macroscópico del hinchamiento libre de las bentonitas MX-80, GMZ y FEBEX [SBPLY/19/180501/000222]". Compilación de datos de ensayos procedentes de la ...
  • Structural Health Monitoring of 2D Plane Structures 

    Mobaraki, Behnam; Ma, Haiying; Lozano Galant, José Antonio; Turmo, Jose (MDPI, 2021-02-24)
    This paper presents the application of the observability technique for the structural system identification of 2D models. Unlike previous applications of this method, unknown variables appear both in the numerator and the ...
  • A water retention model accounting for void ratio changes in double porosity clays 

    Morena, Gema De la; Navarro Gamir, Vicente; Asensio, Laura; Gallipoli, Domenico (Springer, 2021-03-06)
    This paper presents a constitutive model that predicts the water retention behaviour of compacted clays with evolving bimodal pore size distributions. In line with previous research, the model differentiates between the ...
  • WP3/WP5 status update 2020 

    Gharbieh, Heidar; Pulkkanen, Veli-Matti; Navarro Gamir, Vicente; Asensio, Laura (2020-02)
  • Numerical model of free swelling processes in compacted MX-80 bentonites 

    Navarro Gamir, Vicente; Morena, Gema de la; Alonso Aperte, Juan; González-Arteaga, Jesús; Asensio, Laura (Elsevier, 2021-05)
    This work proposes a formulation to simulate the swelling of compacted bentonites, focusing the analysis on the modelling of the increase of macrostructural void ratio generated by the destructuration of the microstructure ...
  • A brief history of work conducted in Beacon 

    Gharbieh, Heidar; Pulkkanen, Veli-Matti; Navarro Gamir, Vicente; Asensio, Laura (2020-05)