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  • Physical Self-concept and Social Physique Anxiety 

    Hagger, Martin S.; Stevenson, Andy; Chatzisarantis, Nikos; Pereira Gaspar, Pedro Miguel; Leitão Ferreira, José Pedro; González Rave, Jose María (Wiley Online Library, 2010)
    This study examined the effects of culture, gender and age on the structure and mean levels of physical self-concept (PSC) and social physique anxiety (SPA) in adolescents from Portugal and Spain. An additional aim was ...
  • The social construction of gender in Spanish physical education students 

    Ruiz Pérez, Luis Miguel; Gonzalez Rave, Jose Maria; Carrasco Poyatos, María (Taylor & Francis, 2007)
    The objective of this study was to analyse sex stereotypes in Spanish high-school students. Three hundred boys and girls from 12 to 17 years old participated in this study by completing a 41-item survey about their ...