Recent Submissions

  • Evolution of virgin olive oil during long-term storage 

    Alvarruiz, Andrés; Pardo, José Emilio; Copete Carreño, Elena; De Miguel Gordillo, Concepción; Rabadán, Adrián; López Mata, Eulogio; Alvarez-Ortí, Manuel (J-Stage, 2020)
    In this work, the evolution of virgin olive oil from 4 olive varieties when stored at 5℃, 10℃ and 20℃ for a period of up to 3 years was studied. Free acidity increased progressively for the 4 varieties, staying below the ...
  • Quantifying the Effect of Aerial Imagery Resolution in Automated Hydromorphological River Characterisation 

    Rivas Casado, Mónica; Ballesteros González, Rocío; Wright, Ros; Bellamy, Pat (MDPI, 2016)
    Existing regulatory frameworks aiming to improve the quality of rivers place hydromorphology as a key factor in the assessment of hydrology, morphology and river continuity. The majority of available methods for ...
  • Resilience and transformation of the co-operatives of wine in Castilla-La Mancha (Spain) 

    Simón Elorz, Katrin; Castillo Valero, Juan Sebastián (Estaçao Vitivinícola Nacional, 2017-08)
    The economic crisis has had an asymmetric effect on Spanish and regional/local economies. Furthermore, the crisis has manifested itself in very different ways across productive sectors and particularly at the business ...
  • Survival vs. growth trade-off in early recruitment challenges global warming impacts on Mediterranean mountain trees 

    Benavides, Raquel; Escudero, Adrián; Coll, Lluis; Ferrandis Gotor, Pablo; Gouriveau, Fabrice; Hodar, José Antonio; Ogaya, Romá; García Rabasa, Sonia; Granda, Elena; Santamaría, Blanca P.; Martinez-Vilalta, Jordi; Zamora Rodríguez, Regino; Espelta, Josep María; Peñuelas, Josep; Valladares, Fernando (Elsevier, 2015-10)
    Climate change is expected to alter the geographic distribution of many plant species worldwide. However, there is still no clear evidence showing a generalised direction and magnitude of these distribution shifts. Here, ...
  • Who is Drinking Wine in the United States? 

    Villanueva, Emiliano C.; Castillo Valero, Juan Sebastián; García Cortiljo, María Carmen (IFAMA, 2015)
    This article presents a historical, empirical, and econometric description of American wine consumers’ demographic and socioeconomic characteristics (1972-2012). By the application of a general demand model that specifies ...
  • La plataforma tecnológica del vino 

    Castillo Valero, Juan Sebastián (Ministerio de Agricultura, Alimentación y Medio Ambiente, 2015)
  • Centroamérica: lo impostergable de una diversificación comercial coherente 

    Castillo Valero, Juan Sebastián; Aguilera Morató, Esther M.; García Cortijo, María Carmen (2013)
    Se presenta un análisis del comportamiento del comercio exterior centroamericano, en el cual se determinará cómo su estructura productiva y la concentración geográfica y mercantil de sus exportaciones condicionan su ...
  • Integración del maíz en el mercado tras la reforma de la pac de 2003 

    Castillo Valero, Juan Sebastian; GarcÍa Cortijo, Mª Carmen (2012)
    To study the degree of integration of markets is important in order to evaluate the effectiveness of economic policy reforms, the degree of intervention in markets or the commercial liberalization, since they are active ...
  • Análisis de los factores explicativos de la rentabilidad de las empresas vinícolas de Castilla-la mancha 

    GarcÍa Cortijo, Mª Carmen; Castillo Valero, Juan Sebastian (2013)
    The wine sector in recent decades is experiencing a vertiginous process of changes and new dynamics that are affecting the performance and strategies of firms in the sector: growing internationalization, the fall in the ...
  • Analysis of international competitive positioning of quality wine from Spain 

    Castillo Valero, Juan Sebastian; GarcÍa Cortijo, Mª Carmen (2013)
    The global vitiviniculture sector is immersed in a dynamic of systemic and thorough changes. Spain holds a privileged position in the global scene, ranking first place in surface area, third in production and second in ...